Dieting and Shopping, do they really go together at all? (especially if your shopping in a grocery store)  But speaking of food and thrifting, lately I have been called the “Subway Jared” of the Goodwill/Thrift world!  Not sure if that’s a compliment considering that he started out at like 400 pounds (are you trying to say I DON’T really fit into that new skirt all that well?!!) but what I couldn’t get out of my brain after that conversation was their slogan EAT FRESH!

No, I don’t mean I’m going to eat food only found @ the Goodwill (because they don’t sell fresh produce… YET) but what I’m talking about here is the concept of reducing your environmental -AND- monetary impact with what else?  A FRESH NEW GOODWILL STORE!  And that’s exactly what I did today, shopped a NEW store in Shelton!

Ah… I love that new car/store/shoe smell!  PLUS, I got to partake in the ribbon-cutting festivities!

So if you’re in the mood for something “out of the bun”… try SHOPPING FRESH @ the Shelton Goodwill!

Look @ this beautiful Radio Flyer Trike that I picked up for the baby!!

And if you thought that was great… when we came back today we were interviewed by Denise Whitaker for KOMO 4 News!  Check out the 4 o’clock and 6 o’clock news tonight! (and KOMO radio with Herb Wisebaum @ 4:30)



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7 responses to “SHOP FRESH!

  1. Thanks! This has been GREAT getting to know people through Thrifting!

  2. Van

    Hello there!

    I found you through this story: which covers your pledge to only shop at Goodwill for the year.

    I made a simular pledge, with few exceptions (like food- the stuff you can’t buy used, business essentials…) I have pledged to buy nothing new for 2011. No withdrawals for me so far- second-hand shopping, flea marketing, and even a little dumpster diving/curbside hunting really is more than enough. Looking forward to reading more of your Goodwill adventures 🙂

    • Yeah, when I owned Green Scene in Denver I did a video segment on the original Olympia Dumpster Diving Diva and her remade works of art out of “somebody else’s trash”… I can’t go outside the Goodwill boundaries I set up for this year but there are a lot of places/ways people can live what I’m calling a “Goodwill Life” with your suggestions/actions! Thanks for sharing and keep in touch!

  3. Yeah for you! I just read your story on Komo 4! I think what you are doing is great…less consumerism! I love to shop at Goodwill, that is where I do all of my clothes shopping! It is so fun to see what “great find” you will come home with! My favorite purchase so far, was a brand new Nike running jacket for $2.00, Wahoo! Will check back on your blog to see how things are going! 🙂

  4. goodstuff luv this blog, stop by and check out our page we have a anwesome item we found at the goodwill in brookly for $30 it is such a steal!!! but don’t take our word for it see for your seld 🙂

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