South by Southwest

This weekend we took a little road-trip to the South & (SouthWest) side of Seattle to shop at the Goodwill Tukwila and Burien stores.  I like these leisurely weekend trips to Goodwills we haven’t been to, not only to get a sense of how similar/different the stores are, but to know where they are.

The Tukwila store is in a warehouse, in the Southcenter warehouse district.  It was set up a bit differently than other stores (probably because it is in a warehouse building) but the staff were really friendly and extremely attentive!  We found a couple of items like new jammies (you can NEVER have enough footed jammies for babies!) and a beautiful Umbra jewelry tree for all those bracelets I keep amassing!

We then decided to head up Hwy 518 to the Burien store.  I’ve never really known very much about this area because I grew up outside Olympia and then when I moved to Seattle I either lived in the city or on the Eastside… so Southcenter was all I knew until this last year.  We have a PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support, that I highly recommend getting involved in if your going to have a baby!) member that lives in Burien, with a view of the sound in a beautiful little older neighborhood.  I am liking exploring this place more and more… and our trip to the Burien Goodwill only proved how much South (West) Seattle is growing on me!

The store was nice and big, like the Shoreline store, and we found a great mix of customers and goodies to buy.  I ended up getting some miscellaneous items but Burien is where I scored my “Oscars GREEN TAG with envy” BCBG dress!  I secretly -heart- this store now and will try to make the trip to visit it (and maybe our PEPS friend?!) more often!


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