It’s Leap Year! (almost)

Today is February 28th but because it’s not a leap-year, it also happens to be my sister’s birthday! (because she is a leap-year baby so next year she’ll be like… Oops, your not supposed to say a woman’s age)

For weeks I’ve been trying to find little glittery bracelets for her.  Bracelets because I gave her one last summer that she loves and has had so many compliments on that she wants to give other bracelets as little gifts.  So my sister’s Birthday present is for her to eventually gift to others.  That’s just how we fly in our family… always giving!

I’m going to keep looking for more bracelets since I can usually pick them up for under $5 each, but so far these beauties are the ones I’ve amassed to give her.  As you can see I seperated them out by colors and tied cute little matching-color bows around them.

I hope she likes them!  And I hope she feels better! (she was sick this week with a fever… not cool on your BDay!)



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