Oscar is GREEN TAG with envy!

Okay, here we are on the big Oscar night & boy do I have our BUY of the WEEK for you!  And this one is just in time to strut down a red carpet for sure! (If I had an Oscar’s party to go to!)

Anyways, I found this GREEN TAG treasure @ the Burien Goodwill this afternoon.  Can you believe 1/2 off $9.99 for a BCBG MaxAzria ($160 retail) dress?!!  I couldn’t believe this dress was just hanging on the rack… calling my name.  I can’t believe it partially because of the luck of getting it 1/2 off but mostly I can’t believe it because I worked @ BCBG when this dress came out (back in 2008) and I just kicked myself for not buying it then because I loved it.  But HERE IT IS!  RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME  1/2 OFF?  SUPER SCORE!

Enjoy your Oscar’s parties everybody!



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2 responses to “Oscar is GREEN TAG with envy!

  1. What a great blog! I love, love, LOVE the Goodwill and thrift stores. I have been shopping there for years. When Earth Day comes up at school, I always make sure that all of my attire is from the thrift store–I love to hear the students’ comments!

    • Yeah, I have came into classrooms before with my children’s clothing line (made out of partially recycled materials) to teach about ways to thrift but also reuse. What a great example you are helping provide with your own clothing! Thanks for posting and keep in touch!

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