*Introducing* the CURRENT SAVINGS post!

This is the begining of many CURRENT SAVINGS posts that I will be doing to show the progress on my challenge.  As you can see from the picture, since January 1st 2011, I’ve purchased 67 items that I paid $151.70 for @ the Goodwill.  I do a rough-estimate for each item of how much a moderately priced establishment (like Target or Walmart) would charge for the same item (I usually grab the prices off the retail web sites, sometimes off other sites like Google or Amazon).  So far these 67 items would have cost me $758.27 in retail!

I plan to add some additional “research information” in the future to these CURRENT SAVINGS posts so if you have ideas on what you’d like me to report on please drop me an email at: LivingtheGoodwillLife@gmail.com.

Happy Saturday!


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