Teaching Thrift

Tomorrow I will visit a Puget Sound Goodwill to tape an interview with a Goodwill Mommy, Megan, who buys a lot of items for herself and her family from thrift stores, especially Goodwill.  This is the first of many video interviews to come showcasing different people and what (or how) they look for @ their Goodwill stores.

Now I’ve had a little birdie tell me that not only will Megan & her daughter be shopping… but maybe Grandma too?  This is exciting because apparently Grandma taught her daughter Megan how to thrift, and now Megan is teaching her daughter the same!  Not only do I get a Mommy/Family Thrift-Haul video but I might be interviewing a multi-generational event as well!  COOL!

I -HEART- this because not only did my parents teach me the same thing (and one of my mom’s and my favorite things still to do to this day is go thrifting together!) but I see this kind of inter-generational education as a major component of reducing environmental impact!  And that is ALWAYS COOL!

More and more exciting things are in the works!  I can’t wait to start posting them for you!


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