Dinner Parties

Last year I held a baby-shower-benefit called the “Bun in the Oven Benefit” to raise money, diapers, etc. for the Broadview Shelter.  I prepared a wonderful spread with chocolate-cheesecake-truffles from The Confectionary @ Pike Market, we had a local photography studio donate the space and we had numerous friends donate some amazing artwork to give away to our guests!  All in all the night was fabulous!

To prepare for the 30+ guests I started going to the Goodwill stores and picking up white appetizer plates, serving dishes, even extra serving silverware (like salad tongs, olive forks, etc.).  Some of my favorite items I picked up were all the white cloth napkins and tablecloths.  Since I’m pretty “eclectic” in style, it didn’t matter to me if they matched or not… that is part of the charm!

So I held a dinner party this week and we took the entire morning to clean our home from top to bottom.  While organizing the accessories for the dinner I realized that we really didn’t have that many larger, white dinner plates.  I had purchased so many appetizer plates last year that I’ve been using them most of the time (a great way for cutting down your eating portions!) and failed to realize that we now needed at least 10 more plates for all our guests!

So, with a house mostly cleaned and guests arriving in 4 hours… we headed to the Seattle Goodwill to pick up some plates!

I was pleasantly surprised when I toured the plate isle because there were plenty of white dinner plates AND it looked like somebody had already sorted them for me beacause they were all RED TAG plates, which were 50% off at the time, SCORE!  When the cashier rang up all the 18 plates I ended up saving $18.32!  DOUBLE SCORE!

Now I did go off my RAW diet a bit that night.  I just couldn’t help the multiple cheese platter… it was like crack to me!  I also indulged in some gelato… BUT I was good and made a RAW lasagna recipe that turned out FABULOUS as well!

If you’re in need of dinner party items check out your local Goodwill.  I’ve never had a problem picking up anything/everything from dinner plates to Holiday napkins to those vintage silver salad tongs.  Again, the Goodwill never disappoints!



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2 responses to “Dinner Parties

  1. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your creative ideas. Glad to hear the dinner party went well!

  2. Live music, babies crawling everywhere, 20-pound and RAW lasagnas and of course the rockin’ deal on the plates… what isn’t to love?!

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