Finders Keepers

We ventured up to the Shoreline Goodwill store today to check out their selection.  I have never been to the Shoreline store (check another one off my “To Do” list of Seattle stores!) but it’s a quaint, north-Seattle neighborhood store with lots of little surprises!

Like the set of 2 brand new Joseph Malone perfumes in a gift box!  I was hoping that one of them was my “Red Roses” scent but alas… neither were so I passed up the $20 price tag but if one or both of these scents are your favorite, what a steal!  Brand new @ Nordstroms these fragrances go for $55 EACH!

Or how about the JCrew Orange 50’s style dress RED TAGGED for 50% off $7.99!  (just not my size or color)

Yes, the store was looking up for deals so we meandered around and found a couple of BDay and Valentines gifts like this “The JOY of…” book I picked up for my Valentine!  

My arms were full (why do I NEVER get a shopping cart?  Do I really think it’s going to stop me from buying?!!!) when I spotted this lady in the kitchen area looking at a set of yellow, baking pans.  I could tell immediately that they were great quality pieces but the lady walked off with them.  I walked to the next isle and kept my eye on her secretly.

Low and behold she went back to the section and put them back on the bottom shelf… then proceeded to shove them to the back and place items in front of them!  As soon as she walked out of the isle I nonchalantly (but quickly) walked over to the area and pulled the set out to check the bottom marking.  They were a set of 1970’s Dansk daisy-yellow enamel baking pans!  I turned around and went straight to the register.

As we were leaving we the lady and her shopping partner looked at us… Dansk pans in my hand!  Neither were RED TAGS but I didn’t mind paying $2.99 for them!  They are barely used and lightly chipped.  SCORE!

Only 48 hours till the big VALENTINES Day! I’m finishing the TABOO Lingerie video as I type!

Coming S….O….O….N!


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