The Last Taboo (just in time for Valentine’s day!)

I feel like Farmer Ted in Sixteen Candles, holding panties up for everyone to see!

But while there are things in our society that are so *Hush-Hush* that to even mention them (like incest, polygamy or asking a woman her age) would bring you a social death rivaling that of Ricky in Better of Dead (yep, I’m a child of the 80’s) there is also another social TABOO just as vile… buying underwear from a Thrift store!

Yes, there was one part of this challenge that I DEFINITELY was not sure how I was going to cope with, that of the purchasing undergarments.  So the month before I started the challenge I stocked up on some undies just in case.  Well, I didn’t take weight loss into consideration and now I am finding I need some dedicates.

I’ve been avoiding this subject like the plague but it just so happened to come up in conversation with a fellow Thrift-Master AND its perfect timing for our LOVE holiday, Valentines!  Who doesn’t want to kindle that passion-fire on Valentine’s with their partner?  And what better way than to show off some new, sexy undergarments?!!  I mean come-on… Victoria’s Secret is everywhere for a reason!

But how was I going to purchase an undergarment that didn’t make me CRINGE to think of where it’s been before? And worse yet how was I going to show my face to those that now knew I was wearing THRIFT STORE UNDERWEAR???

I entered the area with caution…

Come to find out the Goodwill ONLY sells underwear that is brand-new, so their underwear section is pretty small.  In fact the underwear area was a small section (about the length of my fore-arm) on the bottom rack under bras and easy to miss but worth the look!  The Goodwill also sells items that are overstocks from larger retailers so I ended up finding a brand new-with-tags pair of black lace cuties! (above)

Stay tuned for our TABOO -lingerie- VIDEO later this week.  Yet another way to light up your Valentine’s day with hidden (although *Hush-Hush*) treasures at your Goodwill stores!

Happy Valentines WEEK Thrift-public!



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2 responses to “The Last Taboo (just in time for Valentine’s day!)

  1. Christina

    Ah ha! Very interesting blog. Brand new only at GW? Simply divine. Glad you pointed this out!

  2. No, not new… they just don’t have very many NEW undies because those are the only ones they sell. I wonder what they do with the not new ones? 😛

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