This weekend I not only decided to launch the Living the Goodwill Life videos *YEAH!*… BUT I also announce the first of our “BUY of the WEEK” (BOTW)!

As you will see in the video below the BOTW for the first week of February 2011 is a beautiful, brand-new-with-tags, Nordstrom’s baby girl sweater!  

I love this sweater because not only is it brand new but it has that vintage look that we often don’t get with modern baby clothes!

Enjoy this, the first of many Thrift-Haul videos!



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2 responses to “INTRODUCING… The “BUY of the WEEK”

  1. danielle

    What a great idea…but very challenging I am sure! I look forward to seeing your treasures that you find. I am an avid thriftier as well, in fact I get most of my clothes and such there. I just wanted to let you know that I found a dehydrator at Goodwill last year…and about a month ago I saw another, but since I did not need it I left it for someone else to snatch up! So it is possible! Good luck!

    • I have the dehydrator a little lower on my To-DO list right now because of BDays coming up and other priority items but I did see one lately in Burien. It was older and used quite a bit… still keeping an eye out though. My mom has been using her’s on the farm for over 20 years! They are awesome!

      Thanks for your comment. Keep sharing your ideas please!

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