The cost of Thrift

This last week I had an interesting conversation with a close friend.

Does shopping at a thrift store REALLY save you any money?

True, it is hard not to walk out of a thrift store with SOMETHING since everything is so cheap!

After this conversation (of which this friend ended up leaving the Goodwill with items they needed!)

I decided to bump the blog up a notch and start breaking down what an item cost @ the Goodwill in relation to the costs at a different retail establishment.  I’ve also started a tally on my Goodwill purchases this year so I can show overall value saved (or spent?) during this challenge.

I’ve just started messing around with the format of the spreadsheet… but it could (and probably will) change a bit over the course of this year.

I’m interested in YOUR OBSERVATIONS, COMMENTS on this subject thrift-public!

Do YOU think that shopping at the thrift store saves you money? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Stay tuned for more observations as Living the Goodwill Life shines the spotlight on ALL aspects of the THRIFT world!


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