Today is a M E L L O W – Yellow kind of day for us.  I walked into the Lacey store yesterday after my big tour of the Tacoma Goodwill Milgard Center (watch for my post on this amazing place later) and picked up these Yellow beauties!

A brand New Carter’s Rubber-Ducky jammies!  We have LOTS of new little ones this year to share the Goodwill-finds with!

A (what looks to be brand new) Frederick and Nelson Designer collection dress with belt -AND- it was RED TAG 50% off!

More brass bracelets (ah, the donation attendants luckily haven’t got smart to these yet!) and another birthday gift for later this month.

Sometimes you just have a GREAT DAY, and yesterday was one of those!  Today looks to be turning out pretty SUNNY-YELLOW itself and we will just have to take in some of these beautiful rays as we relax from our adventures!


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