We don’t need no candles let the Birthday cake BURN!

WOAH!  Get the fire-extinguisher!!!

With the amount of birthday candles being blown out in the next 45 days we could take out an entire city block!

Two birthday’s in February and three in March!  So searching for those birthday items & trying and get them (or something close?!) from the Goodwill has been on my mind.

IDEAS? for…

Anything with Vintage Volkswagen on it

11th Boy’s Birthday (more than likely a gift card here since he’s old enough to pick out things for himself!)

Those “glittery” bracelets for my sister like these ones (that I scored @ the 2010 Glitter Sale)



A whole lotta’ stuff for my partner but since this get’s forwarded to somebody *wink-wink* I can’t post those needed items up here!

I’ve been traveling the ShopGoodwill.com http://www.shopgoodwill.com site for the past couple of weeks and have some auctions up this weekend that I’m hoping to score on!

Speaking of weekends… this weekend is 50% off GREEN TAGS @ the Seattle Goodwill’s and GREEN, RED and YELLOW sales @ the Tacoma based stores http://tacomagoodwill.org/files/Jan_calendar11web.pdf.




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4 responses to “We don’t need no candles let the Birthday cake BURN!

  1. I’m really enjoying reading about your thrifting challange! What an exercize. I also love to thrift and have cut down a lot on buying new stuff, which is great for my pocketbook. I went on a road trip last summer and got to stop at a bunch of different thrift stores in different states which was so fun. Can’t wait to keep up with all your adventures!

    • I am looking to book a similar summer adventure! Send me the link to your blog about it & I’ll include it in our page! Did you base your “Thrift-Map” off the super-awesome Thrift Shopper.com National Thrift Store Directory?

  2. toko cupcake

    cupcake Hey, could I quote some of the information from this blog if I reference you with a link back to your site? See ya Send via Iphone

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