Make-Over Mama

This weekend I was so happy to have a girls-day-out with my sis and mom @ the Seattle Goodwill.  But after posting our family picture I started to realize that maybe mommy was letting herself go a bit to much (AND I have not had a hair-cut since November 2009!) so I decided to endulge a bit and get a mini make-over.

Now since I make a monthly $1K AmeriCorps stipend, a luxurious Gene Juarez day of beauty was out of the question.  So I found the next best thing… a cut, dry, style @ the Seattle Aveda Institute. (  If you have 2 hours to kill and you don’t mind instructors schooling your artist with your hair, it’s a great-cheap way to get a fabulous new do! (and who couldn’t use more money now days?!)

I had the pleasure of being styled by Akin, a very nice man who (hopefully) will be working @ a Rudy’s near you SOON!  But really, all the student-artists were really sweet to us and any little mistakes get caught by the instructors so the only draw-back is the time involved.

(Me BEFORE the cut… SCARY!)

Now since I couldn’t very well expect to just post about my little salon adventure on a Thrift blog, you KNOW I had to go get me a new accessory to show off with the new style!  Luckily I found a creamy-white Roxy knit-cap to embellish with buttons (the only accessories I have sometimes now days) and share with you.

Being a mom sometimes can get you in a “rut” for feeling sexy.  You always have wash-in-wear clothes on, you don’t wear jewelry that can injury your little one which often means little to no accessorizing and after a long-day playing on the ground, packing the tyke around, making the errands to the grocery… you only want to put sweats on and relax.  Not always the cutest look.  So it’s always a good idea to do a little something every once in a while for a Pick-Me-Up… like a cut, style and a new cap!  Especially if all three still allow you to go to Whole Foods and get a couple of items for the family menu afterwards!

(this is MUCH BETTER!)


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