Family Haul

This Saturday was WAY to nice out to spend inside the Goodwill… but then again, maybe not.

My family (from the south Puget Sound) came up for the day to work on our Grandpa’s house but the girls had a different idea!  We were going on a THRIFT HAUL! My mother frequents all the Tacoma-based stores but had never been to the main Seattle Goodwill, so we all took an hour and went indoors…

I scored this Great, Green, GAP bag for $5.99 (a second baby bag)      

My sis scored a fabulous khaki Banana Republic skirt and mom found a NWT bunch of girl bibs for all the new little ones this year!  Unfortunately none of the items were BLUE TAG, which is the 50% off for the Seattle stores this weekend, but not every weekend you get a designer item for 1/2 off!

Afterwards they all took a ferry-ride topped off with the traditional Seattle IVARS run, so the sunlight wasn’t completely waisted.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Thrift-public!



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2 responses to “Family Haul

  1. Estelle

    Hello! What a great blog you have! Thank you for supplying such priceless information to the community!

  2. poppy

    Love the family pic! New deck looks good, too!

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