Backstage Passes for a Goodwill Groupie!

That’s right thrift-public…this groupie is going BACKSTAGE!

All the action is taking place @ the main Tacoma Goodwill ( hang-out thanks to the magic of Mr. Matt and his all-star staff!

The spotlights will be showcasing all the FABULOUS work the Tacoma Goodwill is doing throughout Washington, in-part with the donations (and thrift shoppers!) to the stores.

Did you know they provide day-care services to their Milgard Center program participants?  Or that they have a cafeteria style breakfast and lunch restaurant called the Neighborhood Bistro that serves a menu made from the Goodwill Culinary Art’s Participants?  Or that they have a “Goodwill BUZZ” coffee shop serving Starbucks?!


Oh, yeah!  Culinary, Caffination, Thrift-spiration! THAT’S what I’m talking about!

I have mentioned before that I worked with Ecocycle in Boulder for my Children’s Environmental clothing line because we incorporated recycled materials into the product. Well one of my favorite things was my ability to go “behind the operations” to sort the materials, to witness all the ways our recycling industries work including were products are sold and for what reasons!  The industry still amazes me with all the emerging technologies finding new ways to reuse our products!  When I left Boulder in 2008 the newest machine in Japan was actually unstringing garments to then reuse the thread! Freaking AMAZING!
So to say that I’m totally excited to go “behind the scenes” of one of Western Washington’s greater nonprofits is an understatement!

So WHAT do YOU want to know about the Tacoma Goodwill’s operations?  What questions do you have about thrifting, UPcycled products, recycling, etc. that I can ask for you?

Let’s find out together how our good intentions manifest in the world!

*I feel so ROCKSTAR baby!*  🙂



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2 responses to “Backstage Passes for a Goodwill Groupie!

  1. Silvester Hawlorne

    I would like to know how many items are donated a year that they cannot use? AND what they do with those items they cannot resell?

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