SPECTACLE festival!

No, I’m not going to drive a white van into Westlake center with the words “DaBomb” on the side of it (ah, the good old days of 1990’s Seattle!) BUT I am going to put some emphasis on this subject of my next pair of eyeglasses!

I guess all those years of obsessive computer using have now, officially, left me *somewhat* blind.  Needless to say, this subject has already sparked some debate @ home so I present my dilemma to you the thrift-public.

I know that the lens in a pair of glasses are “prescription” without a doubt… but what about the frames?  Is that a gray area in my challenge?  Does the Goodwill even SELL quality frames?

Can I get a “I-wanna-look-groovy-in-my-new-spectacles” witness?! I mean come on… we have ultra-RAD spectacle shops here like Eyes on Fremont, Market Optical, Ottica and Spex!  HOW could I not just DROOL over those new ECO wood frames? 

Or justify this item as “gray” over designer-GODS like Anne et Valentin or maybe even the quirky “One Day Frame”?

Yes, I will admit it… I am an accessories-WHORE!  I make UPcycled jewelry (launching soon), I wear 4 bracelets -or- two necklaces and a scarf @ a time AND my bucket list pretty much consists of #1) saving the world and #2) taking a 100k shopping trip to Paris to buy myself a pair of Louboutins and a Kelly from Hermes’ (with matching silk scarf!)

So what do YOU SAY?  Can I justify a NEW pair of glasses, frames and all?  Or do I have to rummage bins of used 80’s Gloria Vanderbuilt designs @ the Goodwill and cross my fingers that I won’t turn out like this?????


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