Just in time!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been planning a weekend full of MLK events @ bookstores, the Seattle Center and the BIG RALLY @ Garfield High school on Monday.  And in these weeks I’ve compiled all the necessary elements of the project… color signs for our board, pictures of MLK, colored pens, tape, balloons, photo releases, Polaroid & film (I LOVE ME some Polaroids!) but the one thing I had yet to buy (and that I HAD to buy @ the Goodwill) was velcro.

Velcro.  Odd necessity, but TOTALLY necessary to keep our posters, pictures and quotes on our presentation board.  Great… how am I going to find this?  I’ve been to a couple of stores already rummaging through their “arts and crafts” sections looking for it.  I even rummaged through our office and my home last night just in case I had some random velcro lying around.  (I mean who actually has a random roll of velcro lying around their house anyways?)

But NONE was to be found.  😦

So I started to explore other possibilities on how paper would stick to a material board…

I tried tapping the items on the board just to see if that would work… NOPE, they fell off immediately.

I brought in safety pins and sewing pins to see if we could “pin” the items on the board.  This was a little better but NOPE, they ended up falling off in a couple of minutes.

I contemplated asking my co-worker, my co-conspirator on the project to bring some?  Maybe… as a last resort but I DID sign up for this responsibility.  So darn it, I’m going to exhaust every last option of Goodwill stores before I beg!

So today after work I decided to try the last Goodwill I could get to before the first event tonight @ 7pm… the main Seattle store.

I quickly walked in with a pit in my stomach of nervous anxiety starting to stir.  Yep, I was actually starting to get sick over VELCRO?!  This is sad.

My feet maneuvered quickly through the Friday night shopping crowds like a master-motorcycle-rider weaving in and out of the cones on a high-speed course.  A course with the destination of the crafts area of the store.

VRrrrooommmm,VRrrrooommmm, VRrrrooommmm!  Watch out people!  This maniac’s on a MISSION here!

I approach the area and the pit in my stomach






I see nothing at first glance that even remotely looks like velcro.

I start picking through all the piles of army-green yarn, miscellaneous sewing patterns…then I spot something.  Could that possibly be?  Is that a small packet of sticky-backed velcro?

NO WAY!    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When my co-worker reads this post she is going to laugh.  But we will have something to talk about at all the events this weekend for sure!

Have a GREAT Martin Luther King Jr. weekend thrift-public!  And remember… it’s a DAY ON instead of a DAY OFF!  So find a place to volunteer or celebrate the wonderfully awesome work of this public leader.  He represented all of our struggles in one way or another and we are ALL the better for his existence!  (and Gandhi, and the Dali Lama, and Buddha, and Jesus, and Mohammed, and Moses, and Mother Teresa, and the Universe and our lives! and…. and…. and!)


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