In all my years of thrifting (25+ which I know ages me but oh, well!) I’ve had the pleasure to witness, know and mimic some ICONIC thrift-stylists. Classic people that personified the fashionable-beauty of discount wardrobes like (one of my first idols) Molly Ringwald or Ducky Dale in “Pretty in Pinkor the whole Grunge thing in the Seattle 1990’s with Victoria Secret models like Jill Goodacre showing up with ripped, vintage jeans & logger shirts to premier events.

All of this push towards discount/thrift store “hunting” eventually led into the early millennium environmental movement with the emerging of REfashion/DIY/UPcycled wardrobes and major fashion lines like Project Alabama and FAV websites of mine…

Then came the recent observation from a good friend that my current thrift-layered-style (you know… jeans with a dress overlay and a button-down shirt, cardigan then accessorize with stacked bracelets and topping it all off with a CHERRY scarf!) looks like Uma Thurman’s character in the movie “Motherhood” (which I then rented on Netflix and let me tell you Uma got it right with the intensities of parenting in modern American society! Check it out!)

Yep, I’ve lived through one of the most DEFINING periods of history for thrift fashion and I have LOVED every bit of it!

So now I’d like to know who YOU idolized, mimicked or know in your local area that personifies the thrift STYLE?

I’ve been slowly adding links to websites and blogs that show some of our online thrift community on the right but I know the best resources are the ones you know so PLEASE SHARE! Let me not only share my year, my challenge, my personal thrifting life with you but let me help all of us discover more of our current or future THRIFTSPIRATIONS!



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2 responses to “Thriftspiration

  1. Your post has inspired me to head out to the thrift store tomorrow! I’m not very “fashionable”, but I’ve managed to outfit myself for work or play on mostly thrift store clothes for quite some time. I love the challenge, the savings, and not contributing to more unnecessary consumption. And I love Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink too! Happy thrifting!

  2. FABULOUS! Send me pictures of what you found (or even better yet images of YOU in the outfit!) if you would like me to help spread your THRIFTSPIRATION!

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