My Thrift-list GROWS!

Okay, I’m a pretty efficient person.  I have had to learn to schedule, plan and multi-task by owning companies at 24, launching clothing lines and media websites that I had NO IDEA how to do and of course by being a mommy.

But little did I expect that my 2011 adventure of buying everything from the Goodwill would produce a “to-buy” list that would seed, germinate, grow a trunk and sprout leaves and fruit like it has in less than two weeks!

I’m now up to a list including (but not limited too…)

Authentic Pendleton scarves for a man, a “good” kitchen strainer, items for my cubicle re-haul @ work (frames, lamp, rug, chair, coat rack, plant pots, etc.), baby jammies/one-piece outfits, glittery bracelets my sister could take for her own or give as gifts, some specific holiday items for friends, some groovy boot-socks, another couple of longer button-up dress shirts oh and birthday gifts for the 4 adults and my oldest son that are happening in the next month and a half… let’s see what else does my list have on it?!!!

I think I might need to find some HELP to find ALL of these things!!!

Any suggestions?  Any takers?



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4 responses to “My Thrift-list GROWS!

  1. Bill Kaufmann

    You’re having wayyy too much fun! I noticed there is a nice like new, manly Pendleton scarf online at today, still in the box too! Check it out at:


    • To much fun thrifting? NEVER! I could LIVE @ the Goodwill (hey! that’s a heck of an idea! a Goodwill SLEEP-OVER!!)

      Thanks for the help! I’ll check it out and I have not purchased from the Goodwill’s online store(s) yet… will make for a great next post!

      HUGS for the thrift-LUV!

  2. I’ve shopped Denver Goodwill for years but have dabbled in the Seattle market. You’re current wish list is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy at either market.
    I never really thought about it but aside from groceries and various sundries, I shop about 90% thrift that serves our family of four. Funny what pops up. I’ve bought new Q-Tips, outdoor birdseed, boxes of Band Aids, paper plates, party invitations, funky paper napkins…had I a baby, I could have bought disposable diapers at the Goodwill today – all name brands. Our TV, blender, coffee maker are thrift. My beautiful Pottery Barn sofa sleeper, thrift. Boy is your world going to open up!

    • Yes, I am looking forward to all the wonderful finds this year for sure!

      I used to live in Boulder and LoDo and used to shop Savers & Ares in Boulder but usually went consignment in Denver. 🙂

      I worked with Ecocycle in Boulder and helped start their materials recycling program back in 2004 for my children’s line of ecofashion called EdgeweaR.

      Small world indeed! Glad to see Colorado in the house!

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