It’s not all about the taking

This blog/challenge/life is not all about just taking the items from the Goodwill for our use, Oh no!  Not only is the “Living the Goodwill Life” going to blog these items to you EVERY DAY (hopefully) in 2011 but we will be providing MUCH MORE about a life of thrift than just hauling/shopping.

We are here to show how we can GIVE BACK to the community with our donations.  So today is our first 2011 donation to our Goodwill store!

This is just a small photo of some of the clothing donations we are submitting today… a BCBG sweater, two pairs of jeans, and some designer baby clothes (GAP, NORDSTROM brand, Ralph Lauren, etc.).  We also have some media, a couple of gently-used baby items (sleep-positioner, sleepers, etc.) and I always try and throw in a really great item or two and this time it’s a used 8.5 megapixel camera!  Complete with adapter, charger, box, download software… heck, I’m even throwing in the BORN, red-leather carrying case I purchased for the camera!!!  Share the LOVE people, share the LOVE!

Besides donating, there are a LOT of ways you can give back to your community.  Try volunteering!  I’m a HUGE advocate for volunteering.  It gives you a hands-on perspective to what the real challenges are in the world and it shows you in-person what is being done to help alleviate them.  Besides, volunteering or giving-back always makes me smile inside because I feel I helped somebody other than myself!  

Of course besides volunteering you can always SHOP @ the Goodwill, or donate money to your favorite causes or maybe just DONATE items for sale!  Please, please donate items to our Seattle-area Goodwill stores if you own LOTS of J Crew, Dooney & Bourke, Pottery Barn Kids or heaven forbid an authentic Hermes, Diane von Furstenberg or Chanel ANYTHING!  Thanks!  This Thrift-hauler/shopper has scored some FABULOUS deals in my past 25+ years of thrifting but I’m ALWAYS on the look-out for that LIFE-LONG, UBER-SCORE, THRIFT FIND!!!


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  1. Great article! Adding you to my blogroll as we speak – thanks a bunch!

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