Last weekend @ the Bellevue Goodwill store I tried to use a Goodwill gift card my mother gave me (an incentive to start my blog & year of Living the Goodwill Life) but I found out that I could NOT use it at the Seattle stores?! Apparently, there are TWO main Goodwill divisions here in Western Washington… one based in Seattle, and one based in Tacoma, and the card was from the later.

Bummer! A little set-back needless to say. So Sunday we went to the closest Tacoma-based Goodwill store to Seattle… the Federal Way Goodwill.

I have visited about 70% of all the Goodwill stores in Western Washington, Seattle or Tacoma-based & can tell the difference between them immediately. The Seattle stores are in a variety of store-fronts, not specific to size, environment, etc. whereas the Tacoma stores are usually in a smaller but newer building. Tacoma stores are set up specifically inside with a jewelry/antique/finer items area in glass cases around the registers in the front, the Seattle-based stores are not. The Tacoma tags are white in color and have their “sale colored tags” differentiated by the color of the plastic marker that is driven through the clothes with the price-tag attached. The Seattle stores actually have different colored price tags.

Anyways… I had not been to the Federal Way store in awhile, so it was a pleasant Sunday drive/trip.

The adventure did reward us with a MUCH NEEDED newer pair of baby jammies since any parent will tell you that children outgrow things like crazy and jammies are FIRST on our baby-list right now!

I also scored a brand-new 18k gold (overlaid on sterling silver) necklace for $6.00! Not only will this new find go into my growing pile of refashioned jewelry (as you can see by the finished, black, refashioned necklace besides it) but with the price of gold now I’m quite sure that I just scored MORE than $6 worth of it!


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