Green tag days

I HEART Goodwill GREEN TAG days!  My second day out on the “LTGWL” challenge to take a peak at the fabulous GREEN TAG $1.29 day and I ended up scoring not only a brand-new, designer pullover for my infant (not green tag but only $2.99!) but a Nordstrom brand (Halogen) light-weight, long, designer, black sweater for only $1.29!  I was about to walk out of the store with just the one item but then I spotted the sweater on a rack-end right next to a mirror where somebody obviously had been trying it on and decided not to purchase it.  Did they not realize it was only $1.29?

Anyways… it was a good day at the Bellevue store!


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One response to “Green tag days

  1. Seattle Goodwill

    Excellent finds!

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