Thrift 365

By now, most Americans are used to seeing “Top 10 lists”, sub-“reality” TV and the all-so-common “look what happens when you do THIS too much” version of the NEWS.  News that we all so eagerly search for everyday before we actually start working.

So, in the spirit of how we view our current world (2011 style), I hear by commit this next year of my life (January 1st to December 31st 2011) to shop at the Goodwill for EVERYTHING I need!  (except food, hygiene and toiletries)

Yep, you heard it here first…

This Seattleite is going Goodwill for an entire year!

That includes all the items I need for my family and it even includes the gifts I need to buy for all the birthdays, holidays and celebrations happening during this year (including my son’s 1st birthday!).

WHY am I doing this?  Well first of all I LOVE shopping at thrift stores!  Yes, if I win the lottery I will still shop at thrift stores and you know… I bet I wouldn’t be the only millionaire there!  Secondly, I believe in living a balanced life, which means my family gives back instead of just taking & buying in our consumer driven society.  We choose to honor the blessings we receive by giving back.  Giving back by reusing or recycling, volunteering our time for causes we believe in and helping support them by donating to and shopping at thrift stores such as the Goodwill.  Not only is thrift store shopping a GREEN way to live but if you choose stores that support nonprofits/social causes you are helping many other people at the same time!  Finally, during this difficult economy… finding ways to SAVE money we feel is a smart way to live! 

Now I know that there are a million thrift stores out there, and most of them support nonprofits and/or social causes, but for the sake of sanity, for the causes they support and the sheer magnitude of thrift store shopping in the Seattle area, I choose to ONLY shop Goodwill for this entire year.

BUT… I would like to be an equal opportunity blogger so for those other fabulous stores, shoppers and their causes, if you have a web link to an article you have written on a different thrift store please submit it!  I will do my best to provide links and acknowledge your work.  (as with most things now-days… postings with images/video will get my first viewing)

WHY?  This blog, and this year of my life, is not only to show our world what would happen if one person shops at thrift stores for a year.  But this blog is to also showcase the variety of thrift shopping options and to share all the fabulous thrift shoppers who already dedicate their lives to living a GREEN, economical and charitable existence (and of course revel in all their amazing thrift store finds!)




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3 responses to “Thrift 365

  1. I work at Goodwill in Tacoma every day, and love what you’re doing here! We see so many people needing help and so many great items being recycled that might not otherwise find good homes. You can also include shopping at Goodwill online for pretty cool things too…books, jewelry, clothing, electronics, etc. We have several links at that are helpful. Keep up the great posts, everyone in our office is rooting for you!

  2. good luck to you! I look forward to following your progress. 🙂

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